Ignition Muffler


hVI customized ignition muffler is developed according to the principle of resistance, spray and compound. It has the advantages of large noise attenuation, adaptive bandwidth, targeted design (low and medium pressure, high pressure, ultra high pressure, subcritical, supercritical) and easy installation.  


Ignition muffler is mainly used in the effective silencer of industrial boiler steam emissions (such as in electricity, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, etc.) and other gas emissions. 

Ignition muffler is a device that prevents sound transmission and allows air flow to pass. All types of boiler exhaust steam not only have high temperature and high pressure, but also the frequency bandwidth of emissions. To measure the quality of the exhaust muffler, the following three aspects are mainly considered:
1. The amount of noise reduction of the muffler can meet the requirements of "Noise Standards of Industrial Enterprises".
2. Well adaptability for muffler (design for different frequencies, temperatures and pressures).
3. Well structure for muffler (reasonable size, high strength, long life).


The hVI customized ignition muffler is carefully designed according to the customer's emission parameters to obtain the optimal muffler effect.