Handheld Luminometer


Compact, light-weight, and low-cost, hVI's handheld Luminometer detects very small light signals generated from bio/chemi-luminescence assays. With similar sensitivity to most small bench-top instrument, this portable device provides easy-to-use, rapid-reading, and high reliability for a much lower cost. The simple touch-screen operation offers wide dynamic range with 3 levels of integration/averaging time, and selectable "blank" function. Built-in USB interface allows user to retrieve up to 80 data points for each integration time and upload to PC for analysis. This is your preferred device for applications in the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine, and environmental science, when portability, sensitivity, and cost are of importance.



➥ Specification:
●Product Type: Single-tube luminometer
●Read Type: RLU read-out. Selectable blank function.
●Sample Format: PCR tube or mini glass vial (<250μl)
●Detection Wavelength: Visible to near-Infrared
●Dynamic Range: 7 Orders of magnitude
●Read Out: Photocurrent count (RLU) 3 levels of integration time
●Sensitivity: <5 femto-mole ATP
●User Interface: Touch screen LCD display
●Power: 4 AA batteries or 5VDC power adaptor
●Computer Interface: USB interface to retrieve up to 80x3 data points
●Dimensions (L x W x H): 185mm x 90mm x 35mm

➥ Applications: Drinking Water Monitoring、Food/Beverage Safety、Natural Water-way Study、Heavy Metal Detection、Bacteria Detection、Blood/Urine Analysis、DNA Labeling/Quantitation、Sanitation Monitoring、Medical/Decease Diagnosis、Pesticide/Herbicide Control