hVI Raytrix 3D Light Field Camera -- Applications


3D autostereoscopic displays
3D autostereoscopic displays with no glasses needed for the light field camera series. For all kinds of applications we can offer you wide range 3D displays for a huge audience. Starting from 24" 3D displays for computer monitor post production up to 55" eye-catching 3D displays for presentations and exhibitions.



3D Photography


3D Photography.  Please see the following video or click me !



↓3D Sports Photography. Can capture fast moving objects.


3D tele photography & CCTV (closed-circuit television) applications



↓Tele 3D with 500mm


↓Demonstrates the reconstruction of 3D information – even at a subject-to-lens distance of 400 meters – as well as software refocus and extended depth of field.


↓Please see the following video or click me !



CCTV (closed-circuit television) : 3D Scene Monitor & 3D face recognition

↓CCTV (closed-circuit television) -- 3D Scene Monitor


↓2D image & 3D image & 3D depth map (color coded depth map、line depth map、dot depth map)



↓face recognition -- 3D face image & depth map


↓face recognition -- 2D & 3D image



↓3D iris recognition




↓Facial Recognition. Please see the following video or click me !



Oceanography Application -- Underwater Photography

Depth filtering -- Three images created from one light field capture, each has a different focal depth.


Illumination -- Can collect images with less than half of the light.


Art Scanning


3D VR applications:teleconference、Medical...



Skype telephone conferences


Aesthetic medicine application & Medical application - 3D recognition

Only one snapshot is required for the Raytrix camera systems based on light field technology to calculate 3D depth maps and multi view perspectives. The 3D depth information combined with the texture of the object improves and extends the recognition and classification. 

↓ Medical Application -- 3D Skincare





3D printing application



3D aerial images



Light Field automation inspection

Socket inspection、Parts inspection、3D bottle detection


Crack inspection、Led bonding wire inspection、Automation production inspection


Contact lenses



Tube depth inspection


Screw thread inspection


Visual inspection : IC surface crack


Visual inspection : IC pins


Visual inspection : IC burr check - 45 degree


Visual inspection : PCB


↓ PCB - Solder Ball


Visual inspection : 3D Bonding Wire & Spot Weld Inspection
→ Wire bonding applications: insufficient wire clearance, incorrect wire path, broken wire, missing wire, lifted wire, tight wire, sagging wires

↓↓Click me to see the clear picture↓↓


Bonding Wire & Solder Bump 3D Inspection


Visual inspection : Metal surface


Animal research
3D insect image

3D insect image


Plant research: 3D plant image



↓↓Click me to see the clear picture↓↓


Biological Microscope : Biological cells


Medical application :3D endoscope


Other objects measurement


R&D : 3D fluid flow measurement



Other examples - 2D & 3D depth map (color coded depth map、surface depth map、dot depth map、line depth map)