3D 机器视觉Wire bonding(焊线)的光学检测系统


➥ 3D机器视觉 Wire bonding的光学检测系统,有效检测焊线技术(Wire bonding)质量。


➥ 相关应用如下:
◆ 焊线间隙不足(Insufficient wire clearance)
◆ 焊线路径不对(Incorrect wire path)
◆ 断线( broken wire)
◆ 缺焊线 (missing wire)
◆ 焊线过高(lifted wire)
◆ 焊线过紧 (tight wire)
◆ 焊线崩塌(sagging wires)


➥ 可依照客户客制量测需求


Data types

Raw data

Contains the raw and white image, as well as the calibration and settings for the 3D measurement.
Can be opened in RxLive.


➥ Depth map

*_Depth.png or *_DepCol.png
Grey scale or color coded depth map.


➥ 2D Image

6 times increased depth of field.
The depth map can be used to set the software focus (TotalFocus).


➥ 3D Model

A model can be generated using the depth map.
The 2D image can be used as a texture.